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Flight simulators: Useless for practicing landings?

Paul Bertorelli has recently written an interesting post (Johnny Can Read, But He Can’t Land) for AVWeb covering landings that brought up some interesting points about the use of flight simulators to practice landings and whether they do a good or bad job of simulating one. Paul began by writing that landing an aircraft may […]

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iPhone Weight and Balance App

When I was a PPL student, calculating a weight and balance (W&B) schedule for a flight took about 20 minutes using a form, the POH and a fair amount of mathematics. It wasn’t difficult but it was fiddly and time-consuming. Every year there are accidents where pilots wilfully or accidentally overload or unbalance their aircraft […]

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Going to the Farnborough Air Show? There’s an app for that.

I’ve been going to the Farnborough Airshow since I was a little boy and more recently as a journalist and then as an aviation marketing person, and I can tell you that there’s nothing more irritating that schlepping around all day with a pocket encyclopaedia in your bag. This weighty tome is the exhibitors guide. […]

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Best of the Web: Last minute Christmas gifts for pilots

Christmas will be a week from now but its not too late to get the pilot or aviation buff in your life something special. Hence, here are a few Christmas gift ideas: The Naval Centennial Limited Edition Airwolf Timepiece. Swiss watchmaker Breitling has produced a special timepiece as part of its year-long salute to the […]

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Flying in France – there’s an app for that

I’ve been checking out some iPhone and iPad flying apps recently. Flying In France is a great app for English-speaking pilots who want to fly to France. It gives you all the information you need right on your iPhone. It’s all in English too. It costs $5.99 from the iTunes store. Quick look-up for NOTAMs, […]

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