Changes coming to the Farnborough International Air Show and venue

While the aviation world was focused on last week’s Paris Air Show, it was being reported that the Farnborough International Venue in Hampshire will be seeing a bunch of upgrades or changes – including new halls and new shows to the event.

A two-phase upgrade to the Farnborough International Airshow site will see, first, a permanent chalet row, followed by a permanent exhibit hall. Phase 1 should be completed in time for next year’s show. Phase 2 is scheduled for completion in time for the 2016 event.Beginning with the venue, there will be £25 million worth of facility upgrades taking place in two phases over the next three years. The first £2.5 million phase will include the building of a permanent Chalet Row A before next year’s airshow (July 14 to 20, 2014) which will result in more cost-effective chalets as they will have new utility infrastructure (including power, water, sewerage and internet) and dedicated parking spaces.

The second phase will begin after the 2014 show and will involve erecting a permanent 25,000 sqm Hall 1 over the course of 18 months for around £22 million to be ready for Farnborough 2016. This new hall will be able to house more exhibitors, conference rooms and seminars.

More upgrades to the site are possible, but nothing beyond the above two phases has been definitely planned. However, there could be a discussion about Chalet Row B upgrades at the show or immediately afterwards next year.

Farnborough International also announced the introduction of a general aviation park at next year’s airshow to “showcase the latest in private and recreational flying and hopes to attract all the leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers and distributors in this category.” GA park exhibitors will be able to participate during the weekend public event or for a full seven days plus incorporate the five-day Farnborough Airshow trade event.


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