Google Trends says air shows are dying (but there is good news for the UK)

AirFacts recently had an article asking whether air shows are dying as it appears they are heading for trouble in the States for a variety of reasons; but Todd McClamroch, the blogger behind, has written a far more interesting post on the topic where he uses data from Google Trends to show an indisputable decline in interest for air shows (or at least searching online about them).

To begin with, Air Facts pointed out that the US Federal Government has slashed military aircraft appearances and has grounded the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds due to budget cuts – leading to many air shows (over 80 and still counting) to cancel. Then the FAA began demanding vast payments in order to receive special Air Traffic Control resources with the larger shows complaining but paying up and the smaller ones canceling.

However, Todd’s post presented several charts from Google Trends showing searches or related searches for Airventure, the Chicago Air & Water Show and the generic term “airshow” (the graphic below) with the results all showing a clear downward trend: - Airshow interest over time A quick look at the results for “uk airshows” is also not very encouraging: - UK Airshow interest over time

Nevertheless, perhaps the good news is that people searching for the term “airshow” were next most likely to search for the term “uk airshows” while searches for that term as well as for “duxford airshows” and “duxford” have been rising. Moreover, searches for the term “airshow” have remained strongest in the UK: - UK Airshow regional interest over time - UK Airshow city interest over timeSo there might be a very good chance that your children or grandchildren, at least in the UK, will still be able to enjoy a weekend at an air show.

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