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Mid-air bat strike leaves a pilot bleeding (and getting rabies shots)

A North Queensland crop dusting pilot named Josh Liddle has recounted a bizarre incident where a bat smashed through his aircraft windshield, leaving lots of “blood and guts” all over the place that he thought may have belonged to him: Apparently, Josh was coming back from a spray run over sugar cane crops and he […]

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Aussie pilot has a close encounter with an Emu

Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog had recently posted an interesting video of a near-miss involving an aircraft landing in Australia and an Emu. However, she went a step further and contacted the pilot in the incident to find out his side of the story about what happened. According to the pilot, […]

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A near miss involving a rabbit

While bird strike incidents have been well reported and are a well known hazard faced by aircraft, David Cenciotti has recently noted another near miss that involved a rabbit on the runway during a recent airshow held in Rivolto to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori. Moreover, he posted a picture taken by […]

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Bizarre turkey vulture strikes helicopter video

Here is a really bizarre story and video that was first mentioned on the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) blog and involved a turkey vulture striking a helicopter in Miami just before the Superbowl. According to the pilot, he saw the turkey vulture outside the helicopter and next thing he knew, the bird was […]

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