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Lost in the Bowels of LHR. What commercial pilot Alan Cockrell hates about London’s Heathrow might actually surprise you – unless you are a commercial pilot! Click here to read his post on DecisionHeight to find out more. The Last RAF Vickers VC10 Retires to Surrey. The BBC, Harborough Mail and ThisIsLeicestershire.co.uk all have articles […]

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Disney to Release a Video Game With Its New Movie “Planes.” “Disney’s Planes,” a flying adventure video game based on the upcoming Disney animated comedy adventure film we mentioned some weeks ago, will be available for Nintendo platforms, including the Wii and Wii U systems, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS handheld devices, on August 6 […]

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Two reasons a pilot should invest in an expensive pair of sun glasses

Flying and taxiing towards the sun can be a dangerous for pilots as two accident reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reprinted in General Aviation News illustrate. In the first accident report dated July 2010, a CFI was taxiing a Cessna 152 in Ephrata, Washington, to an active runway. After he taxied around […]

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