Top destinations: Lambert’s Cafe – Sikeston, MO

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Lambert's Cafe, Sikeston Just west of the Mississippi and south of Cape Girardeau lies Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport in Sikeston Missouri. It’s a quiet airport in a quiet town, free of a control tower and the associated hustle and bustle. But local fliers flock to the Sikeston Airport for one reason: Lambert’s Cafe!

Forget the $100 hamburger. Lambert’s is the fly-in destination for classic Southern comfort food. Featured on the Travel Channel, Food Network and a host of other media, Lambert’s has become famous for their home-cooking and gimmicky “throwed rolls.”

Any time patrons desire a fresh roll, they simply hold their hands into the air and a server will literally throw a fresh roll at them! It’s a lively and fun atmosphere that feels like a souped up Cracker Barrel.

Lambert's Cafe The downside to Lambert’s is it’s wild popularity. There is always a line wrapping around the building, which makes for a lengthy wait. At least, that’s the case for “normal” people.

Here’s the secret. Fly in to Sikeston Municipal (KSIK) and tell UNICOM (122.8) that you want to go to Lambert’s. The restaurant will send a free van to the airport and sneak you in through the back door. You’ll be seated in no time!

Be warned – Lambert’s does not accept credit cards, so carry some cash or bring a check. They’re a bit old-fashioned, but that’s just part of the charm.

Lambert’s Cafe makes Sikeston, MO the best fly-in destination in the Southeast by far.

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