Video: Stuck landing gear means a belly landing

A KMBC news helicopter in Kansas has taken a video of a twin-engine Cessna 414 with a stuck landing gear which managed to safely land on its belly at the New Century Air Center in Gardner, Kansas, with no injuries.

Pilot Michelle Stauffer had over 30 years of flying experience and she and her co-pilot, Terry Blake, were on their way to Wichita when they discovered their landing gear wouldn’t go down and the backup system had also failed. From the air, they called five different mechanics plus they took out all the manuals to go through the procedures:

I had Terry reading the manual to me," she said. "You’ve got to have directions, just in case there’s something I forgot or something one of us forgot, but you just go through it step by step by step.

When all else failed, Stauffer was left with no choice but to land the aircraft on its belly – an experience she hopes to never have to repeat. Stauffer also told KMBC:

As a pilot, it makes you stay current and makes you realize that’s why you go out and practice and look at those procedures… I just feel real unfortunate, but that’s why you have insurance, and we’ll fix it.

Something definitely worth thinking about.

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