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Techniques and tips for great landings

Pat Flannigan has recently written a short post entitled “10 Ways to Mess Up a Great Landing” with his ten ways being: Too much airspeed Too little airspeed Flare too high Flare too aggressively No crosswind technique Wrong crosswind technique Not transitioning eyes down the runway Over-controlling the airplane Not trimming Unstabilized approaches With that […]

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A fraction of a jet for a fraction of the cost

If god had meant us to fly he’d have given us more money. Buying a jet is expensive. Even an ‘entry-level’ jet like the lovely Cessna Citation Mustang is just under $3m. This is where fractional ownership operators like NetJets come in. (Full disclosure, NetJets is a client of my company Articulate Marketing.) Like timeshare […]

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Five things I wish I knew when I started

This is a guest post by Chris Powell from his highly recommended aviation blog. When I entered my aviation training I was already an atypically well-prepared student. I’d been following aviation and the flying community off and on since childhood.  I’d flown in the right seat plenty of times, already understood basic aerodynamics, and generally […]

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