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Hidden Journeys, Beautiful Pictures From The Royal Geographical Society

If you have ever stared outside of an aircraft window wondering just what you are seeing below you or what is below you, the Royal Geographical Society has teamed up with the Institute of British Geographers to come up with the Hidden Journeys Project. Specifically, the web portal contains 15 amazing flight paths from around […]

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How to create great flying videos

Steve, the blogger behind A mile of runway will take you anywhere, has written a very lengthy post about how to create great flying videos. At the beginning of his post, Steve listed the following equipment that he uses: Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera Kodak Fisheye Lens Sigtronics SPO-42 Portable Intercom Arcsoft MediaImpression video editing […]

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Cool photos and videos of thunderstorms

Summer is here and summer on the Great Plains and in the Rocky Mountains means thunderstorms. Hence, the Southwest Airlines blog has posted this downright EERIE photo of a thunderstorm cloud that recently appeared over the Denver Airport and is definitely something that you would want to fly AROUND! In addition, Sulako, the pilot blogger […]

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