80 year old woman lands plane after her pilot husband goes unconscious

Its being widely reported that an 80 year old woman landed a twin-engine plane on Monday after her pilot-husband lost consciousness. The incident happened in northeastern Wisconsin near Sturgeon Bay around 5 pm on Monday.

Apparently, the woman had taken the controls of the aircraft but she did not know how to fly. To make matters worst, one of the engines ran out of fuel.

Another aircraft was sent up to determine the Cessna’s airspeed as well as to transmit instructions to the woman about how to safely land the aircraft. She did make a hard landing but unfortunately, her husband was pronounced dead at the hospital while she herself suffered minor injuries.

However, the Fox 11 News account of the incident noted that the pilot had a medical condition which caused him to loose consciousness.  Hence and if you are a pilot with a potential medical condition that could impair your ability to fly, it would be wise to reconsider flying – even if your medical certificate is valid. Likewise, the incident also shows the need for pilots who regularly fly with family members to perhaps teach these family members a few basic flying skills or at least what to do in case of an emergency or should you become completely incapacitated.

Plane makes hard landing in Door County: fox11online.com

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