A car dealer’s top 10 tips for selling an airplane

Hat tip to Ron of the House of Rapp blog for not only bringing our attention to a great post with 10 tips for selling an aircraft but for also bringing our attention to the site the post was on:  SellThatPlane.com, a blog that’s actually dedicated to general aviation aircraft sales tips. Starting with the SellThatPlane.com blog post, apparently blogger James was talking to a car salesman who is also a pilot about how to sell an airplane. The car salesman then provided the following top 10 tips for selling an airplane (James also went into detail for each):

  1. Don’t lie to potential buyers.
  2. Know your airplane.
  3. A buyer can smell desperation.
  4. People like to talk about themselves.
  5. Every buyer wants to FEEL like they are getting a deal.
  6. Leave you problems on the ground.
  7. Shut up and listen.
  8. Look them in the eyes.
  9. Follow Up
  10. Enthusiasm

Meanwhile, Ron also wrote in his post the “five golden rules” for selling an aircraft which were the following:

  • Photos sell airplanes
  • Be honest
  • Know the market
  • Appeal to the senses
  • Get the word out

Ron went into considerable detail about each of his golden rules but the point is that selling is difficult and selling an aircraft in today’s general aviation market is going to be even more difficult. Hence and if you are trying to sell an aircraft (or for that matter, if you are looking to buy an aircraft), get as much advice as you can and definitely take a look at SellThatPlane.com 

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