A flying dune buggy enters production

The AOPA Pilot Blog has reported that a company called Itec/Beyond Roads has just delivered four of its “Maverick” powered-parachutes that come with a drivable dune buggy or off-road vehicle that is used as a cockpit. Although I would have guessed that it would be hard to call the device a true aircraft, they are actually approved to be light sport aircraft (LSA) – a category that also covers powered parachutes.

Specifically, the company has some how managed to receive government approval for the “car” aspect of the design by getting it approved as a kit car. This loophole surprised other companies trying to get their “flying car” concepts approved and able to pass highway crash standards.

Flying Dunebuggy

However and while the media is calling the Maverick a flying car, its actually intended to be a jungle dune buggy that can hop over water obstacles. Moreover and if there is no headwind, the Maverick can drive faster than the 40 mph it gets while in the air (Click here to get all the specs).

On the other hand, there are two catches for would-be buyers:

  1. The company is very cautious about deliveries and they are only made to experienced customers. One will be going to Dubai (company reps will also go there to provide training to the buyer) and there are nine more being built in Florida.
  2. Insurance, as you might have guessed, does not come cheap. In fact, the current premium is $8,000 a year for the factory to cover its personnel and to give demonstrations.

Nevertheless and if you have ever wanted a dune buggy or an off-road vehicle that can fly for the next time you visit a jungle or desert and need to clear a hazard, the Maverick might just suit your needs.

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