A pilot should never make assumptions about airports….

Allegedly overheard by a pilot while waiting for passengers to board his island-hopper, July 2010, Penzance field, UK:

Visiting light aircraft (in a posh English accent): "Penzance tower, Cessna Light G123 request approach instruction and landing?"

Penzance tower (in a broad Scottish accent): "G123, Penzance tower welcome to my airspace, sadly we are not accepting your class, divert on heading and contact approach on Lands End."

Visiting light aircraft: "Penzance tower, negative, request approach instructions, my landing approved earlier, I’m with my partner and will be landing for the day."

Penzance tower: "G123, that is still a negative. Penzance field is a heliport. I strongly suggest diverting to Lands End airfield."

Visiting Aircraft: "Penzance tower, please confirm heading to Lands End…."


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