A sneak peak at the HondaJet

Hat tip to the Aviation and Aircrafts blog for posting a bunch of great pictures plus a video showing a new private luxury jet that will be built by Honda – a company synonymous with mid-priced cars. However, the HondaJet will be a little more expensive than their cars as it will be priced at US$4.5 million when it comes into service in 2012.

According to the video, the HondaJet will be a high quality, high performance, highly efficient and environmentally friendly single pilot certified jet that will be able to seat seven. The HondaJet will also have a range of 1,180 nautical miles and a speed of 483 mph.

No word on how many will be built though but if you want to learn more about the HondaJet, be sure to check out their official homepage.



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