Actual quotes from aviation company manuals

Aviatrix, the blogger behind the Cockpit Conversation blog, has shared a couple of gems she has come across from aviation company manuals, including the following “helpful” advice:

"Pilots must use their best judgment in dealing with life threatening situations."

"In the event of a forced landing, if time permits, it would be advisable to anticipate possible injuries (especially head trauma and broken ankles) to one or both pilots and have an evacuation plan."

(Aviatrix also added that she wished she “had the lack of scruples to quote you the hijack bomb threat instructions because they are hilarious….”)

Hence, we would like to ask any professional pilots out there whether you have ever come across any “good advice” from an aviation company manual and if so, what was it?

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  1. JetAviator7 April 4, 2011 at 18:48 #

    How about this:

    "If a passenger consumes too much alcohol while on board the aircraft use an oxygen mask to help them clear their head before departing the aircraft at their destination."

    It was a small flight department for an credit life insurance agency with a lot of happy sales people.


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