Airbus’s proposed plane of 2050: A see-through airliner

Airbus has unveiled a proposed see-through airliner complete with a holographic game course for passengers. Specifically, Airbus’s cabin of the future design will include an "intelligent" wall membrane that will become transparent at the wave of a hand as well as change according to outside light conditions.

In addition, the aircraft’s structure will mimic the bone structure of birds while new seats will be sensitive to the body shape of passengers and their specific needs. In fact, the seats themselves will offer massages, drinks as well as even a sea breeze or the aroma of a forest.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has posted this video showing the proposed Airbus aircraft:

At the end of the day though, the real question will be whether or not airliners will buy a see through Airbus airliner with a holographic golf course and just how much such a proposed design will end up costing them to purchase and to fly. Nevertheless, Airbus’s proposed see-through design could definitely work for a much smaller business jet designed to be a billionaire’s toy!


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