All about crosswind takeoffs and landings

Crosswind takeoffs and landings can both be tricky maneuvers for novice and experienced pilots alike. Moreover, Jason Schappert of, who has recently put together a short video about crosswind takeoffs, has noted that crosswind takeoffs tend to get neglected as pilots will focus on making great crosswind landings instead of great crosswind takeoffs.

Hence, Jason has put together a video where he shows pilots how to takeoff into a perfect 90 degree off the runway crosswind by first turning the ailerons into the wind and then holding the aircraft down the centerline while climbing out.

Meanwhile and when the time comes to make a crosswind landing, Richard Collins has recently written a lengthy article for Air Facts Journal that is well worth reading where he first noted that there is little agreement about how to make a good crosswind landing. In fact, varying schools of thought that he cited include:

It is best to crab into the wind and kick (rudder) the airplane straight with the runway right before touchdown.


Lower the wing into the wind with aileron enough to take the drift out and maintain runway alignment with the rudder.

Or (especially in heavier airplanes):

Some pilots just land with the drift in and let the airplane straighten itself out after touching down. 

Richard also noted that he even changed his crosswind landing technique late into his flying career and he noted that the technique he now uses also seems to work better. Richard then ended his article by asking readers about how they handle crosswind landings and whether or not they were taught the specific technique or learned it on their own.

In addition, Jason Schappert has also put together a crosswind landing video and he also noted that over the past 5 years, there have been over 740 reported mishaps related to crosswind landings – roughly 150+ per year. Meaning it might be time for you to brush up on your crosswind landing technique.

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