Amazing near midair collision video

Here is segment from CNN that includes an amazing video taken by a German Pilot who was flying a small two-seater 1,000 feet above the French countryside when he had a near miss with another airplane. Unfortunately, his propeller got caught in the cable used by the other plane to tow a glider and the pilot was forced to turn off his engine, pull the plane’s parachute and land in an orchard – walking away without a scratch.

CNN then quoted Ballistic Recovery Systems in St Paul Minnesota as saying that their parachute devices for aircraft have saved at least 199 lives since their development. They also noted how parachutes for aircraft have evolved from being accessories for hang gliders, then ultralights, then light sport aircraft and now increasingly standard pieces of equipment for new general aviation aircraft. In fact, they are now standard for new Cirrus aircraft models

As for that German pilot, he credits the parachute for saving his life. He also rebuilt his own aircraft and of course – got a new parachute for it.


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  1. Steve March 6, 2010 at 15:45 #

    Wow, scary video. Thanks for posting this; I hadn't seen it before.

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