Aviation acronyms

These aviation acronyms or abbreviations come courtesy of Pilot DAR who recently posted them on PPRuNe (Professional Pilots Rumour Network):

CAS I know this one! Calibrated Air Speed!
DCS (the "arm" switches the Six Million Dollar Man turned on just before he crashed)
LARS (Swedish guy?)
MAP (mist approach practice?)
ATS (a tough situation?)
CTR (caught turning right?)
CTA (clearly tough acronyms?)
LATCC (let all the chatter continue?)
SAM (surface to air missile?)
ACK (only half the anti aircraft fire?)
FAB (Lady Penelope)

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  1. Vincent September 20, 2010 at 14:16 #

    IFR: I Follow Roads (Railway, River)

    ETOPS: Engine Turning Or Passenger Swimming

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