Aviation biofuels update

Biofuel development is an increasingly hot green aviation topic with the Enviro Aero Blog recently posting an update about their development and usage. The update noted that over the last few weeks, more airlines and groups have made announcements about developing sustainable biofuels.

For starters, OriginOil is working with the Mexican government on a plan to turn algae into a source of renewable aviation jet fuel. The aim is to produce produce 1% of Mexico’s jet fuel from algae in less than five years and then to produce twenty times that amount by the end of the decade.

In addition, Qantas has announced that it has made an agreement with a second biofuels producer to work on developing an algae-based fuel. They are also looking at doing a feasibility study on the introduction of biofuels into the aviation market.

Meanwhile, Alitalia has entered into an agreement to convert municipal waste into biofuels while other groups are apparently looking into the use of hydrogen based fuels once again.

Finally, the Enviro Aero blog noted that they will be presenting an update about the progress of biofuel at the World Biofuels Markets in Rotterdam at the end of March. Attendees will include biofuel suppliers and producers as well as representatives from airlines and aircraft makers.

With unrest spreading across the Middle East and oil prices again on the rise, we will probably be hearing more about biofuels in the near future. 

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