Aviation enthusiasts allegedly intimidated at RAF St Athan

The Wales Air Forum has posted a story on its website about aviation enthusiasts being intimidated on the Old Llantwit Major road alongside the Southern Boundary of RAF St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan but of course there are always two sides to every story. Apparently a local farmer or someone connected to a local farm who is not happy about aviation enthusiasts parking along the road or using it or land that is considered to be a public right of way. That individual has also allegedly been making life difficult for the aviation enthusiasts.

On the other hand and in the comments page, someone has pointed out that its not the farmer but the farmer’s son who is the culprit. Anther commenter has also pointed out to a rash of thefts and other crime in the area plus the track is not big enough to safely move farm equipment around without kicking up stones and other objects which could damage the cars parked along it.

What ever the real situation is, there are a few lessons for aviation enthusiasts everywhere – namely to make sure that you respect the local community when taking part in aviation activities. Perhaps the local farmer or his son or whoever the culprit is the one out of line but so could the aviation enthusiasts parking along side the road. Hence, perhaps the local community and the airport or representatives of the aviation enthusiasts need to sit down and have a chat (rather than posting articles and comments on websites and Facebook pages).

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