Aviation themed Olympics mural complete with an air-to-air missile…

Hat tip to David Cenciotti for noticing a new aviation themed Olympics mural that street artist Banksy has painted on a wall in an unknown location. Cenciotti noted that:

Although he took the license to use an IR-guided air-to-air missile instead of a radar-guided SAM (Surface to Air Missile).

Banksy probably replaced the javelin with the air-to-air missile to draw attention to the controversy about missiles being placed on the roofs of apartment buildings (which the BBC recently noted could all be for show…). No doubt the image has a very good chance of becoming an iconic London Olympics image but its worth mentioning that the Daily Mail has pointed out that a cafe owner, florist, doll maker, cake bake and butcher have all been warned about violating Olympic copyrights – a good reason for Banksy and the location of the actual mural to remain anonymous!

Image credit: Banksy website


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