Aviators Guide to Ireland

Although based in the Bay Area, Max Trescott has brought our attention to the Aviators Guide to Ireland, a 400-page guidebook that includes detailed photos and information about 210 airstrips in Ireland.

Max pointed out in his post about book that while the cost of flying in Europe can be outrageous (as many of our readers already know) but Ireland tends to be an exception as most airports do not have landing fees. That’s because most Irish airports are privately owned grass strips maintained either by farmers and aviation enthusiasts.

As you can see from a sample airport entry below, the guide offers pilots everything they need to know about an airport or landing strip:

The Aviators Guide to Ireland retails for €29.95 + €5.00 P&P in Ireland and £24.95 + £5.00 P&P in the UK. Pilots can order the guide by clicking here.

And in case you have not gotten a chance to fly over to or above Ireland, check out this Above & Beyond video about Ireland:

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