BALPA’s campaign against EU pilot rules

Recently, the British Airline Pilot’s Association (BALPA) put together a video to oppose less stringent EU rules regarding Flight Time Limitations (FTLs) from being imposed on UK airline pilots (there is also an online e-petition that supporters can sign). BALPA has also put together the following graphic comparing and contrasting the UK rules with their EU counterparts:


And while most viewers of the video’s Youtube page seemed to like the video and support its message, not all comments were positive. One viewer wrote that this will be “Another step to fully automated cockpit WITHOUT pilots” while another viewer wrote that the video is a typical case “where somebody with an agenda (like a union striving to get pay raises) is playing on people phobias (like the fear of flying or, more recently, fashionable anti-EU sentiments).” Finally, one very critical viewer wrote:

Pah! If the dictate was HALF hours and HALF pay for ‘Safety’ – they’d strike! Misleading graphics – iffy ‘facts’ Some work hard, some not, many I know have it cushy. UNIDENTIFIED “independent research”? Meaningless! “4x the legal blood alcohol limit for flying” showns as 4 PINTS?? A Nonsense! An intended to shock deception which discredits this. When were standards set ? Modern craft have such reduced workload to those of old..maybe we need hours for different types steam/glass etc.

Hence, we want to ask you our readers what you think: Is BALPA right or is this just a case of a pilot union trying to rip up anti-EU hysteria to preserve the status-quo?



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