Bees on a plane and bulls on the runway

We have already noted stories about emus, dogs, rabbits, wild pigs and even turtles running across runways along with onboard incidents involving a bat, scorpions, snakes (and not the movie Snakes on a Plane) and even crocodiles (one croc may have crashed an aircraft in the Congo) but the latest unusual incidents involved bees and a bull.

In the bee incident, a Delta commuter flight bound for New York at the Pittsburgh International Airport was delayed by a honeybee swarm under the left wing of the aircraft. Apparently, these type of bee swarms are not uncommon for airport’s maintenance crews to deal with as it’s the fourth one discovered so far this year.

The airport called in a Master beekeeper to safely relocate the bees with a light thistle brush into a box for later release and the flight was only delayed about 20 minutes (but the flight was going to be delayed anyway as it was flying to JFK… Where there were congestion issues… Or always congestion issues!)

Meanwhile and in Vietnam, a bull shut down the runway at the Phu Bai Airport in Hue and had nearly 100 police officers, soldiers and rangers  mobilised to stop it from crossing onto the runway. According to airport officials, bulls haven’t been spotted in the area before and it was unclear where the bull came from (and that’s no line of official bulls***!)

The BBC later reported that the bull had died (it may have also killed an 85 year old woman) and that an autopsy revealed that it had heart problems and stomach bleeding plus it had suffered from dehydration and exhaustion from roaming the woods that border the airport (and again, that’s no bulls***!).

The bull shortly after its capture on 24 July

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  1. R. L. Gumm November 26, 2013 at 22:35 #

    OK, guys, since when did they start mounting wings backward on airplanes, or are those bees not on the trailing edge of the ‘right’ wing?

    RL Gumm

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