Boeing 737 business jet sends fighters scrambling at the London Olympics

On Friday at 16.49 London time, a Royal Air Force Typhoon was scrambled from RAF Northolt, North West London, to intercept an aircraft that ATC had loss contact with – a standard procedure according to the London Olympics no-fly zone rules. According to a post by Richard Clements on The Aviationist, the aircraft that started the commotion was a Boeing 737 business jet with serial number N444HE and a Wells Fargo Bank registration (Perhaps a few wealthy bankers popping over to visit the Olympics….?) 

The aircraft quickly reestablished contact with ATC and according to an MoD spokesman, the incident was at least the third time that RAF Typhoons have been scrambled to intercept aircraft ince the start of the Olympics on July 27.

However and according to the London Evening Standard, Twitter users were abuzz when the Typhoons flew over London’s skies with Hayley Taylor tweeting: "A Eurofighter Typhoon just flew over my house. It means trouble when those bad boys take off!" Meanwhile, Twitter user JimBaww tweeted: "Eurofighter jets circling in London.#PrettyCool." Plus, Matthew Sheppard tweeted: "Eurofighter just flew overhead at very high speed heading towards Central London. Loud."

In other words, keep an eye on Twitter for all the latest action in the London Olympics no-fly zone!


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