Bournemouth Airport (EGHH)

Bournemouth Airport

Regional airport on the south coast of England.  Good IFR facilities and reasonable GA handling.

VFR approaches and departures at the airfield are an exercise in map-reading. You will be given a series of VRPs to fly to.  Some are listed but on our approach we were vectored by towns and other landmarks on the 1:500,000 map from about 10 miles out.  Because of the proximity of Southampton Airport and the Solent CTA, as well as airways routing south and danger areas to the Northwest, it is more important than usual to be spot on with heights and positions.

There are regular scheduled services and a lot of maintenance facilities on the airport so be prepared to mix it with large aircraft and make allowances for the odd Ryanair flight arrival or departure.

GA Handling

Aircraft under 3 tonnes park in a special GA apron near the threshold for runway 26 and are subject to PPR and handling by Bournemouth Handling.  This is a new approach to GA and seems friendlier than the previous ‘park on the apron and go through the main terminal’ system.  Heavier aircraft require handling by Servisair or Execair.

Because it is a Customs and Exercise / Terrorism Act designated airport, it is a handy stopping point for trips to and from the continent.

Airport History

Bournemouth saw its first flight in 1910 and an airfield in the town served as a training centre for WWI pilots. The current airfield was built during WWII.  When Eisenhower arrived to take over the Allied Armies, he flew into the airport. His pilot was none other than Paul Tibbets who went on drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima!  After the war, it was used as a base for BOAC and Vickers built Viscounts and BAC1-11s there.

Airport information

Bournemouth Airport, United Kingdom, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6SE

+44 (0)1202 364000

Rwy: 08/26 2271 metres, Asphalt/Concrete

Fuel: Available 0700-2130. 100LL, Jet A1

Landing fee: £14.50 per tonne MTWA plus parking

Hours: 0630 – 2130

Customs: Available

Instrument approaches: Available

Alternates: Southampton

Compulsory handling. Light aircraft: Bournemouth Handling, Hangar 600, Bournemouth Airport.  Tel. 01202 590888, Fax 01202 594471.  Paul Smith, Operations Manager.

Large aircraft (>3 tonnes) handling by Signature. The Terminal Building, Bournemouth International Airport, Bournemouth, BH23 6SE, Tel: +44.1202.364373, Fax: +44.1202.364374, R/T: 122.35


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  1. Matthew Stibbe June 4, 2010 at 17:07 #

    I have added you to the listing for Bournemouth airport. Thanks for getting in touch. Matthew

  2. Jan Bochenski July 1, 2010 at 06:42 #

    Dear Sir,

    If I bring a Piper Arrow 4 seater to Bournmouth, what are the total cost per day to leave a light aircraft there??

    ie: Landing fee

    parking fee per day??

    Handling fee???

    Best Regards


    • Matthew Stibbe July 1, 2010 at 08:29 #

      You should contact Bournemouth directly for the latest prices. However, I landed an SR22 there a few weeks ago and paid about

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