Britain’s oldest stunt pilot calls it quits at aged 90

The Daily Mail has reported that Britain’s oldest stunt pilot Doug Gregory has reluctantly given up aerobatics at aged 90, but insists he will continue to take to the skies. The 90-year-old former RAF and commercial pilot also plans to sell his homemade 1917 replica stunt plane because it has become too difficult to operate. The aircraft costs just £5,000 pounds to build between 1983 and 1987.

Mr. Gregory joined the Air Force when he was 18 years old right after his birthday and he survived 67 mission over Germany during the war along with a brain hemorrhage in 1947 that had people telling him he had to give up flying. Mr. Gregory commented that:

“The inspiration to make my own plane was being told I would never fly again. I never believed it and of course they were wrong. It was obvious I could never do commercial flying after my record of being hospital but it wasn’t very long before I started flying again and I never stopped.”

The former school teacher has now been flying for over seven decades and still holds all the relevant licenses making him one of Britain’s oldest pilots. He plans to continue flying every week – including over to France to attend World War I memorials. - Britain's Oldest Stunt Pilot - Britain's Oldest Stunt Pilot (2)


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