British Airways: A special Olympics livery plus the best BA TV advertisements

Hat tip to Devesh Agarwal of the Bangalore Aviation blog for writing two posts about British Airways with one post being dedicated a special “Dove” livery celebrating the upcoming London Olympic games of 2012 and the other post being dedicated to the best British Airways TV commercials. For his post about the “Dove” livery, Devesh has posted a number of beautiful photos plus one video courtesy British Airways (the copyrights belong to Nick Moorish and Geoff Lee). To give you an idea of what the aircraft looks like, here is one of the photos:


For the second post, Devesh has posted several videos showing some of the best British Airways TV ads – including the following “Face” advertisement which is considered to be one of the best (and most expensive) ads of all time:

Finally, Devesh also pointed out that for the upcoming London Olympics, British Airways has created this wonderful ad:

However, all of the ads mentioned in the post are well worth watching and are a great nostalgia trip – especially for any marketers or advertising professionals who are fans of British Airways.


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