Brits beat out Russians as the biggest in-flight drinkers

Here is a big surprise (or perhaps not!): British holidaymakers were voted the biggest alcohol drinkers by international cabin crew followed by Russians for second place in a survey conducted by Skyscanner of 700 cabin crew members who were polled via Apparently, just over half (54%) of Brits admitted to kicking off their holiday with a stiff drink in either - Gin and Tonicthe airport or onboard their flight.

Ironically, 41% of Brits surveyed said they would rather book an alcohol-free flight if such flights were offered by airlines while a quarter (24%) said their motivation for dry flights was to avoid drunken passengers ruining their holiday experience. Ironically, younger Brits surveyed were strongly in favor of banning alcohol on flights with Brits aged 18-24 being the biggest supporters of a ban while only 18% claimed to enjoy in-flight drinking.

The survey results showed that alcohol free flights would be popular as no doubt many passengers have had bad experiences sitting next to a passenger (or two) who had one too many. In fact, Russian officials have already called for an alcohol ban on all flights to prevent drunken behavior on board aircraft.

However, the surveyed also revealed that holidaymakers from the North East were the most strongly against getting rid of alcohol.

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