Building planes in the sky

Hat tip to for finding and posting this video of the “Building planes in the sky” commercial that was made for EDS (Electronic Data Systems). Actually the commercial is pretty old as it appears to date from the mid-2000s and it first aired during a Superbowl (as in American Football). Hence, its probably familiar to American pilots and it was also part of a set of commercials that aired during the games (the others being “Cat Herding” and “Running of the Squirrels” – also classics that rank among the best commercials of all time!).

However and for anyone who is a pilot and also involved in technology or running their own business, the “Building planes in the sky” will hit home as it was intended to be metaphor for the complexities of working in a digital age as well as for implementing change. And as you can see from the commercial, the ad agency or marketers that came up with it could not have picked a better metaphor than building an airplane in the sky!

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