Cat fish on the taxiway

We have mentioned stories about emus, dogs, rabbits, wild pigs, turtles and a bull running across or shutting down runways but Thomas A. Horne, the Editor At Large of AOPA Pilot Blog reported seeing catfish taxiing at the Vero Beach, Florida airport. Apparently it had rained heavily the day before as well as on and off for several hours before he arrived. The rain had overwhelmed the airport’s storm drains (or rather grass ditches the water runs into) so when he came down a taxiway, there were a few catfish flopping around on the airport ramp. Apparently, the catfish had washed out of ditches and were trying to walk or flop their way to somewhere.

After snapping a few pictures, Thomas went to check on them later but they were gone. He was told that an airport employee had snatched them to put in a pond at his home or another likely possibly – to enjoy a nice catfish dinner that night!.

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