Cessna gets away from a (short) pilot (who forgot to adjust the seat)

General Aviation News will often reprint excerpts from US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident reports, including one from January 2011 that involved a Cessna 182 which got away from a (short) pilot in Meeker (Colorado).

According to the accident report, the pilot was attempting to taxi to the runway. However, the Cessna began to move left faster than the pilot wanted to. He then attempted to apply the right rudder, but the aircraft failed to respond. So the pilot applied the right wheel brake, but the aircraft failed to stop and ended up slamming into a snow bank – leading to substantial aircraft damage (Luckily, there were no injuries).

During the investigation, the pilot indicated that he probably did not have his seat positioned far enough forward in order to activate the rudder pedals or the brake pedals to their full extent. The NTSB then ruled that the pilot’s loss of directional control while taxiing was probably due to not have the seat adjusted correctly.

Obviously it goes without saying that as with driving, its a good idea to adjust your seat, seatbelt and whatever else in your aircraft you need to adjust before you head out to the taxiway.

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