Cirrus SR22 crash lawsuit

Let’s face it, lawsuits and legal liability are everyday facts of life – even if you life outside of the USA. Hence, Max Trescott has recently posted an 11-minute video interview with the attorneys for plaintiffs involved in a fatal January 2003 crash of a Cirrus SR22. The plaintiffs received US$16.4 million in damages as a result of the crash. However, this was after the NTSB had placed full blame on the pilot and stated the cause of the crash was “spatial disorientation.”

Like all legal cases, this one is somewhat complicated and Max does a very good job of summarizing the facts and the decision (hence, we won’t repeat the details here). However and if you are a pilot or a CFI and you also regularly fly with passengers, Max’s post and the video are well worth checking out to determine just what legal liability you could be facing should something go wrong.

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