Cool “crowded airspace” photo

Hat tip to Jon Ostrower for posting this amazing photo by Liz Matzelle on FlightBlogger. The photo seems to show the “crowded airspace” over Seattle but according to Liz:

Did some VERY rough math, and I *think* that the C-17 was at around 6,250ft while the CRJ was around 3,000ft. I was at Boeing Field but the CRJ was landing at SeaTac, and I know that the pattern altitude at Boeing Field is 800ft, and it makes sense that the CRJ would be another couple thousand feet above that, so I believe those numbers are at least roughly accurate.

In other words, the photo is completely authentic!

Crowded airspace by Liz Matzelle

Crowded airspace, originally uploaded by ImperfectSense.

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