Cool new electric aircraft

There are already electric cars out on the market but pilots can soon expect to see more electric aircraft to potentially choose from. In fact, Dan Johnson has recently noted in General Aviation News that:

Electric is hot! Even in a dull economy with sluggish airplane sales, the spark of electric power is crackling with life. Numerous projects have been announced and organizations like EAA are making way for electric airplanes to showcase themselves at big shows like AirVenture.

Johnson then posted a video of the Icaro 2000 electric “Nano Trike” which comes from an Italian manufacturer and is the work of world champion hang glider pilot, Manfred Ruhmer. Other than the lack of a structure around the pilot and perhaps a glass cockpit, the aircraft is near perfect in other respects as its quiet, easy to fly with one hand and most importantly – its low cost. In fact, the Nano Trike will cost between US$11,000 to US$15,000, plus a wing and shipping for a total cost of around US$16,000-to US$22,000. Not bad at all and perhaps the best thing about the aircraft is the lack of a fuel bill (however, batteries must be paid for up front).


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