Cool photos and videos of thunderstorms

Summer is here and summer on the Great Plains and in the Rocky Mountains means thunderstorms. Hence, the Southwest Airlines blog has posted this downright EERIE photo of a thunderstorm cloud that recently appeared over the Denver Airport and is definitely something that you would want to fly AROUND! In addition, Sulako, the pilot blogger behind Sulako’s Blog, has posted four videos of recent thunderstorms over the Great Plains and he ended his post by saying:

Due to our exceptional cunning and skill (read ‘luck’), the air was smooth the entire flight, and the passengers remained blissfully oblivious to the amazing forces of nature we observed during our run. "Hey pilot, nice flight, I’m glad the weather was good" Oh, if they only knew the planning and plotting and scheming we had to do several times enroute to make it so – but I guess one of the things I get paid for is to attempt to bore the passengers to tears during the flight, even if I’m sweating a bit.

Definitely sums up what being a pilot is all about!

Denver Storm


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  1. Benet Wilson June 4, 2010 at 16:56 #

    Matthew: this is a great post with even better pictures. I wanted to tell you that AvWeek's Business Aviation channel has a FREE microblog all about Thunderstorms. There are articles from our reporters, pictures and even a video from John and Martha King.

    Here's the link –


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