Could you land an airliner if you had to?

Hat tip to the Around the Pattern blog for noticing this episode from the Aviators’ series that asked the question: Could you as a private pilot land n airliner if you needed to in an emergency?

In the video segment where the host of the show is in a flight simulator, the air traffic controller pointed out that landing an airliner will be like landing any other aircraft. However the host of the show noted that all heading and altitude adjustments had to be made on the FCU panel while the autopilot did the rest. Finally and as for the landing itself (after the autopilot was switched off), the host had to flare the aircraft a little higher than what he was used to since it was a much larger aircraft. Nevertheless, he was able to safely land the commercial aircraft in the flight simulator.

Hence, do you think that you could safely land a commercial airline if you had to in an emergency?

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