Cross country flying tips and safety quiz

Scott Spangler, the blogger behind the Jetwhine blog, has mentioned a recent email from the AOPA Air Safety Institute that contained a link to its safety quiz on cross country flying. The quiz contained 10 questions about a 350 mile VFR trip from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to Festus, Missouri and even comes with blow-up sectional chart images on which to search for the correct multiple-guess response.

However, Scott wrote that despite his confidence going into the test, his test results were “humbling” and he figures that the test questions were based on their research about what areas pilots “screw up the most.”

Meanwhile and before you take the quiz, you might want to check out a recent video put together by Jason Schappert for his site about how to choose great cross country checkpoints. Jason recommends that you avoid using cell towers, private airports, small bodies of water and cities as checkpoints and opt for public airports, large roads, rivers and large landscape changes instead.

Jason has a number of other videos covering cross country flights here that would also be well worth reviewing to help you brush up on your cross country flying skills before taking the AOPA test or going on a cross country flight. 

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