Crosswind landings tutorial video

Jason Schappert has put together a short video and post for his blog about crosswind landings that every pilot should both watch and read. After all, Jason began his post by noting that over the past five years, there have been 740 reported mishaps or approximately 150 mishaps per year due to crosswind landings.

In the video, Jason will walk pilots through a crosswind landing. However, he also wrote that the secret to a safe crosswind landing is relatively simple:

Know where your wind is coming from. Use less flaps thus giving you more airspeed to have greater command over that aircraft and work on your transition, from that crab to that sideslip. Go from that crab angle to dipping that aileron in there, dropping that wing a little bit and using opposite rudder to hold the airplane down centerline.

Jason ended his post and video by saying that pilots should not be shy about going out and practicing crosswind landings. After all and by doing so, you will become a much safer pilot.

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  1. Steve Clark February 5, 2011 at 20:17 #

    Not entirely very convinced with this as a training piece.

    Firstly it would have helped to have a decent crosswind to demonstrate with as there was barely any visible crab or wing down.

    Secondly removing too much flap (as opposed to some) in some aircraft (e.g. a Cirrus) will end up with a too flat approach and too a high nose up during the flare and hold off with a greater risk of getting things wrong than the crosswind.

    The approach in this video seemed a bit flat (but could have been due to the camera focal length).


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