Crosswind takeoffs and landings safety video

Paul Tocknell had recently posted links on to a series of “Accident Prevention Program” pamphlets that were released by the FAA and GAMA and  included an “On Landings” series consisting of a Part I, a Part II and a Part III. As a follow-up, Paul has posted a short yet classic flight training video developed by the FAA that addresses both crosswind takeoffs and landings.

In addition, Paul’s post includes a discussion about the two usual methods taught for performing a crosswind approach and landing – the so-called crab method and the sideslip method. Both methods have their pluses and minuses and Paul notes that he personally prefers the crab method but he also notes that timing can be fairly tricky when performing it.

Hence, the video is well worth watching since the first half discusses common problems that occur during crosswind takeoffs while the second half discusses the various crosswind approach and landing methods.

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