Do most pilots lie on their medicals?

Recently, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) proposed to allow more pilots in the USA to use a driver’s license for their medical – causing Air Facts to post a great survey question about whether or not most pilot lie on their medicals.

Specifically, the AOPA and EAA have recently unveiled plans that might, if adopted, greatly expand the numbers of pilots who could use their driver’s license medical standard (which is currently available only to sport pilots) to fly recreationally. Pilots would also be required to complete a comprehensive course on aeromedical factors and self-certification.

It was noted that there is already more than five years of experience with the Sport Pilot certificate and the driver’s license medical standard and there has not been a single medical incapacitation accident. Moreover, the AOPA and EAA estimate that the exemption could save pilots as much as $250 million over 10 years plus save the federal government more than $11 million.

However, and just as Air Facts asked: Do you think most pilots fib on their applications for medical certificates? In other words, is the proposal from the AOPA and EAA a good idea from a safety standpoint?


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