Duxford Airshow

I flew in to the Duxford Airshow on Saturday. (See our Duxford airport review.) I’ve always wanted to fly into a show since I was a kid and I used to visit the Farnborough Airshow (by road). The museum is tremendous and the air show was fantastic. We saw a Typhoon, various aerobatic displays, a Hunter, the Red Arrows and a mock dogfight with four Spitfires (four!), a Hurricane and an ME109. The best bit was on departure when we were queuing for our turn to take off. ATC said to the plane at the head of the queue “After the landing B17, line up…”  How cool is that!


Many Spitfires


A beautiful Beech Staggerwing


Sally B – a still-flying B17


An F86 Sabre after its display


The Red Arrows doing their thing (Ahhh, Concorde)


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