e-Book readers: The Kindle and the Nook

e-Book readers are becoming increasingly popular with JP Morgan estimating that some 10 million Americans alone either own a Kindle e-book reader or plan to get one soon. In fact, the Kindle and other e-Book readers may soon become the iPods of the book world.

The Kindle

Given their increasing popularity and potential uses in every day life, Max Trescott has recently written a post about the Kindle noting that he has read about the potential aviation uses for the device. Hence, he invites readers to take a short survey intended for pilots to see whether they currently own a Kindle and he also invites readers to post comments about any aviation experiences they may have already had with the device.   

The Nook

Meanwhile, Glenn Calvin, the blogger behind the Rant Air blog, has posted a detailed review of the Nook e-reader which is available through Barnes and Noble. Although his review does not cover any potential uses for the Nook in the cockpit, he does make the general observation that:

Picking up the Nook is just simply not the same as picking up a well-worn used book and smelling an untold number of owners’ perfumes or pipe tobaccos and wondering about the history of that volume. And being able to lend a book you’ve greatly enjoyed to a friend or coworker whom you know will enjoy it as much just isn’t doable (though there is a somewhat restrictive “sharing” feature built into the Nook).

However, he does recommend the Nook – although he is clear to say that it will never replace the physical books in his collection but it will definitely save him some weight and space in his travel bags…


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2 Responses to e-Book readers: The Kindle and the Nook

  1. Sylvia January 1, 2010 at 12:12 #

    I'm not sure why people keep having to say they aren't getting rid of their physical books – why would they? I have too many, it's true, but I'm not *replacing* them by buying a Kindle, anymore than I threw out my notebooks when I got my first computer.

  2. Patrick Flannigan January 1, 2010 at 16:38 #

    Agreed Sylvia. I'm quite proud of my bookshelf, and there is nothing quite like the 'feel' of reading a physical book. I do want a Kindle, but only for on-the-go reading.

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