Engine failure over the Pyrenees

Max Trescott has posted excerpts on his blog from an email exchange with a pilot who had purchased a G1000 and Jeppview-equipped aircraft and recently experienced an engine failure while flying at night over the Pyrenees. Recalling the experience, the pilot states that:

It was a very unpleasant experience. Engine and prop vibration was extreme–as if the engine what going to unmount. Add a thick cloud layer, 60 knot winds and bad turbulence, terrain and at night. I don’t know how much more adverse it can get. [company name] pilot was outstanding. We suspect fuel contamination, but it is pure speculation at this point. I am seriously considering switching to twin engine flying, but all is too fresh now.

G1000 Max commented that the twin engine fatal accident record is no better as they require a significant amount of recurrent training to be flown safely in the event of an engine failure and further commented that Turboprops are more reliable compared to piston engines. He also suggested limiting night flying – especially in mountainous areas.

The entire exchange and posted comments from readers is well worth reading as it contains a number of important safety lessons for all pilots.

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