Flight training pitfalls

Flight Training Jason Schappert of MzeroA.com has a great post about overcoming flight training pitfalls which he begins by sharing his own experience with an instructor that was definitely NOT a professional motivator. Jason then outlines some of the pitfalls for both instructors and students with the key takeaway being that instructors need to be motivators in order to teach their students to be good and safe pilots while student pilots need to talk to other pilots to gain insights into flying and learn from their mistakes.

However, Vincent of Plastic Pilot makes an excellent comment to the post when he points out that:

It is important to have a good match between student pilot and flight instructor. Not all pairs can do well, and it does not mean the student or the instructor is bad. If you don’t feel good with your instructor, try another one. No shame in that.

In other words, remember that math or English teacher who’s teaching style or method made it very difficult for you to grasp the subject? The same thing can occur when learning how to fly only the stakes are much higher during flight training. Thus, having the right match cannot be emphasized enough and neither can consulting with your peers for advice or assistance.

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