Flying car and flying motorcycle updates

We have been following various news stories about developments involving flying cars and flying motorcycles for some time now with a particular focus on the Terrafugia Transition. Hence, readers may want to check out an exclusive interview done by Jason Scappert for his blog of Carl Dietrich, the CEO of Terrafugia Transition. As Carl explained in the interview, you can drive the Terrafugia Transition out of your garage and straight to the nearest airport and in less than a minute, convert the car into an aircraft for takeoff and then land at the airport nearest to your final destination. 

In addition and on a separate note, General Aviation has reported that MotoPOD LLC has developed a patent-pending belly pod that will allow pilots to carry a street-legal motorcycle underneath their aircraft. After landing, the motorcycle takes just 90 seconds to remove and then its just a matter of unfolding the handlebars and riding away.

The pods are currently available only for the Vans RV-10 (a 4-place kit airplane) but the company is working towards FAA certification and will soon have products available for the Cirrus SR-22, Cessna 182, Diamond DA-42 and other common general aviation aircraft. The pods are available for around US$8,000 and the company also offers a folding motorcycle conversion for about US$5,500. For more information, simply visit


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