Flying in Class Bravo Airspace video

Jason Schappert has created and posted a number of short but very useful video podcasts on his site, (His previous video podcasts include: Understanding and Reading TAF’s, Uncontrolled Airport Operations, How to Read METARS, Runway Signs and Markings, Proper engine run up procedure, Preflighting and Cross country deviations on the fly). His latest video podcast is entitled Flying in Class Bravo Airspace. For European pilots not familiar with the term, “Class Bravo” (or Class B) is the American term for the airspace from the surface to 10,000 feet that is normally found around the busiest and most congested airports. In order to fly in such airspace, a pilot must first contact ATC and receive a clearance to enter the airspace.

Jason proceeds to walk a pilot through the necessary procedures to enter “Class Bravo” airspace and the great part about his video podcast is that he includes actual transmissions between himself and ATC between commentary about entering and flying in Class Bravo Airspace. This video podcast, along with the previous ones he has created are well worth checking out.


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