Full pattern distracts a would-be commercial pilot

General Aviation News will often note accident reports from the USA’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in order to better educate pilots and help them learn from the mistakes of others. However, one excerpt from late last year is worth note for being mildly humorous as well as offering a lesson to other pilots.

This November 2008 accident involved a Cessna 172RG in Cleveland, Mississippi and involved a pilot who was on a solo flight in preparation for a commercial rating. It was noted that:

After three uneventful touch-and-go landings, the number of airplanes in the pattern increased from two to four or five. The pilot sequenced himself between two other training flights and inadvertently failed to lower the landing gear prior to landing.

The mishap resulted in substantial damage to the aircraft and no injuries but certainly plenty of embarrassment for the pilot involved!

The lesson: Do not let yourself become distracted while flying and always follow the proper checklist procedures.



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