What could go wrong using a drone to video a wedding?

If you have ever thought about using a drone to video your wedding, you might be wondering what could possibly go wrong, with the answer being that you could end up getting hit on the side of the head as this video shows!:

Apparently, the wedding photographer was using a DJI phantom and a GoPro camera two days before the wedding to do their bridal shoot and the incident occurred near the beginning of the shoot. The photographer/drone pilot had done one successful fly by and brought the contraption around for another pass to make sure it was smooth. However, he underestimated the lift time and hit the groom on the side of the face.

The groom suffered a cut to his cheek and the side of his head, but luckily the couple laughed off the unfortunate incident and the video was eventually completed (click here to see the final video from the shoot, here for the full version of the video and here for the wedding video).

The YouTube page containing the video has also attracted its share of funny to outright negative comments about the wedding photographer’s flying skills….


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